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The BMSF "Global Royal Wedding Charity Fund" Initiative Supports
The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex's
Seven Nominated Charities
Deadline 28th July 2018
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A wedding is special indeed, but a Royal wedding which captures the heart, mind and interest of the international community is by far a production of dramatic art, which must be staged with precision, dignity and the “behind the scenes” magic which brings it all together. With a Royal wedding such as H.R.H. Prince Harry and Miss Meghan Markle’s, centuries of tradition have been farmed for the perfect inclusions of heritage and history, whilst being integrated into the modern specification of what young, modern weddings have become. Whilst being reflective of both the bride and Royal groom, this wedding is one of historical importance and unique composition.
Working in the entertainment industry, in a place that Miss Meghan Markle is familiar with, Hollywood, I can certainly relate to the importance and symbolism of such a wedding, however the intricate details of an American marrying into the British Royal Family are not to be taken lightly. Hollywood is a world away from the tradition-laden courts of Europe’s ancient monarchies and this is something that Miss Markle will come to fully understand. The rule book of being a Royal is quite extensive and the rehearsals which accompany it – time consuming. Coming from a Princely house, my great-great Grandfather, H.M. King Christian of Denmark, my grandmother, H.R.H. Princess Feodora of Denmark and my father H.H. Prince Waldemar Schaumburg-Lippe - my lineage and relationship to the Royal Houses of Europe is extensive. We are one family. My own story of crossing the Atlantic is one which Miss Markle will eventually understand, but in reverse.
In California we are no strangers to those who think they are, want to play and are given the role of a Princess, but Miss Meghan Markle has landed the dream role that almost every woman in America has desired at one point in their lives or another, that of a real-life Princess. Walt Disney has made sure that we have a certain thought and view of what being a Princess or in fact a Royal is, but nothing in films is what it truly is. With her acting credibility and rising stardom cemented with the hit programme Suits, Miss Markle was in the perfect place at the most unbelievable time which has certainly transformed her from Hollywood Royalty into British Royalty.
The working lives of the new Royal Couple have already been outlined, with their commitment to the charitable enterprises they have constructed, nurtured and belong to. With the addition of seven charities that operate around the world to receive wedding donations in lieu of gifts to the newlywed couple, these actions and desires represent their steadfast commitment to the charitable endeavours they both have taken up and championed throughout their lives. Such beliefs followed through with actions show the commitment of this new Royal couple to continue their works in the charity sector, with no signs of slowing. For a very busy and certainly high-profile couple, the work undertaken to champion the plight of others, the environment and God’s creatures shows that they are not afraid of hard and time consuming work, but shows respect towards their fellow man and the environment in which we live, that will ultimately bring them peace individually and as a couple.
As a Prince in entertainment, the balance between the duty I was born into and the career I have chosen is at times difficult to manage, but there is no doubt that such a lifestyle can be accommodated. I am sure that for Miss Markle it will be hard to leave her career and her life-long dream of being an actress behind, but her bigger dream of changing the world for the better on a truly international stage is about to come true.
It is truly an honour to wish His Royal Highness, Prince Henry (Harry) of Wales and Miss Meghan Markle the warmest of wishes on their special day as they embark on a life-long journey of love, commitment and charity. It will truly be a magical day not only for the young couple and those attending, but the world that will be watching. I raise a glass of champagne accompanied by my very own Prince Caviar in celebration of this trans-Atlantic match that not even Hollywood could make.
His Highness, Prince Mario Max of Schaumburg-Lippe

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